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Working 1 : 1

Working together in the coaching space you will know you have your own personal cheerleader, providing support, encouragement and accountability.

Habits and behaviors can be hard to change, but not impossible. Working with me you will have an ally to help you discover your own path to success.

Whatever your health and wellness vision, now is the time to start realising it.

What clients say . . .

"When I first did this I couldn’t imagine feeling different and I think I couldn’t really imagine that the things I was eating had that much effect on me. I thought that a lot of the things I was feeling were down to my chronic fatigue illness and just the way I was. I didn’t think there would be such an all round effect from doing this"

1:1 Programs

The duration of your 1:1 program is likely to vary based on your needs and would be discussed at your complementary WELLth check call.  Programs start at 6 sessions and lead up to my signature "Feel WELLthy" program which has12 sessions.

You can book a single taster session, if you then sign up for a program within a week of this session the fee will be deducted from the program total.

The starter session is usually up to 90 minutes,
with subsequent sessions being up to 60 minutes.

Samantha's Signature Program

The Feel WELLthy solution
12 sessions £1200

Working together for 12 sessions will ensure you have what you need to make sustainable changes.
Benefits include:
- Increased energy and vitality
- Enhanced productivity and performance
-  Saying goodbye to the cycle of stress and burnout
- Improved sleep
- Knowing what food nourishes
- A lifestyle that brings you fulfilment and joy but not at the cost of your health


Good health is the greatest
gift you can give yourself

Shorter Programs are also available

6 sessions £690

8 sessions £880
10 sessions £1050

You can also try a 90 minute session for £180, if you sign up for a program within a week of this the cost will be taken off the program price



Finding your unique solution

Start your journey and book a complementary 30 minute WELLth check to have a conversation that could change your life.

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