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Success Stories

Rita, age 73

Samantha was always calm and encouraging, and I was delighted to be reversing the trend of a lifetime, to be finally loosing weight instead of putting it on. I was able to fit comfortably into my clothes from last summer and be told by my friends that I was looking good and that my face looked slimmer.

Simon, at 50, wanted to be able to function well, to be fit enough to do what a 50 year old does, to move well, sleep well and have a spring in his step, which had been a rare feeling.

Simon reached out to me as he had been suffering with chronic bowel and stomach pains for a period of time which had left him feeling anxious and with low mood.  


Simon shares...

Samantha has introduced me to so much great information over the course of the sessions that I have completely overhauled the way I live day to day and I am so much more self aware than I have ever been.  


What benefits have I achieved? Well, most importantly the chronic pain has dissipated since I have change what and how I eat, I’ve also been steadily losing weight.  

I feel much more confident and have a spring in my step that had been missing for a number of years.  There are many more areas that I look forward to working on in the future. 

I had been trying to address my issues with my GP for a long period of time without success but I have been able to find solutions working with Samantha, I could not recommend her and her programme highly enough to anyone that is looking to achieve improved health and mental wellness.  


Samantha’s approach has been very proactive and supportive and my specific circumstances were taken into account when tailoring my programme.


Samantha I can’t thank you enough!

29 year old Rachel wanted to not have to worry about her future health, to have a better quality of life and improved mental health.

Although she felt ok about her health overall Rachel felt she could be doing more for herself.  Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (Chronic pain and fatigue) she was mindful to not let it control her and although she knew her condition benefitted from exercise and good eating she wanted more awareness around what food does to her body.  Having put weight on recently she was worried about her future.  

Rachel's experience

I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and found it extremely enlightening. 


It’s given me a new outlook on my health and new appreciation for my body and all it does for me. 


One of the key shifts in my mindset that I’ve noticed is I’m viewing food much more as fuel rather than something negative, calories that I then need to ‘work off’. It’s helped me think much more clearly about what will benefit my body.


Before I joined Samantha I felt like my health was in a bad place, although I tried to eat healthy I always felt like I was restricting myself, waiting for the next takeaway or sweet treat. So it’s honestly quite mind-blowing for me that I don’t have sweet cravings anymore. It’s very liberating to not have that draw to sugar and the benefits I’ve felt have been great! I never thought I wouldn’t have a sweet-tooth. 


Your guidance truly helped me to understand what sugar (and other foods) did to my body and you provided me with so much support. I really looked forward to our sessions, it really helped to ground me and keep me focused on what I wanted to achieve. 


I’m so pleased with the progress I’ve made and the changes that I’ve experienced. To list a few; I no longer experience sweet cravings, I feel like I’m having much better quality sleep, I’ve been able to focus on my fitness and improve my strength training and I’m no longer experiencing low lethargic slumps during the day (which I have always assumed was a symptom of my chronic fatigue!)


I would definitely recommend your service to other people. I’ve found you to be very supportive and also felt that you empowered me to lead how I wanted to benefit and find my own answers.

I really like your style, you’re very calm and patient. No question ever felt too silly and I always felt like we took everything at my own pace.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience with you and would definitely encourage others to give it a go!

65 year old Karl was struggling with weight and mobility issues. He wanted to be more mobile, increasing his social activity and enjoying life. Realising there is still so much more in life to do and that he wants to do.

Karl had yo-yo dieted in the past, not finding anything that kept his weight under control longer term. Needing to lose weight to move away from conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes and to allow him to have hip replacement surgery meant sustained weight loss was essential for him.

How Karl found it..

I had weight and mobility issues when I first made contact with Samantha.


Being 65 my life seemed to be ‘on hold’ and I had low self esteem and no drive to achieve anything.


After a few sessions I realised that Samantha’s help was exactly what I needed to take me where I wanted to go. I look forward to our weekly sessions which are both enlightening and challenging.


What I have achieved in the last few months has amazed me, from the weight loss, which has been steady, to a complete change for the good in my mental outlook.


Learning about nutrition and the effects of different food on my body is ongoing to help me with my diabetes as is the setting of weekly goals, be they physical or mental.


I am now on a journey I didn’t think possible thanks to Samantha’s guidance and reassurance.


I would highly recommend Samantha to anyone looking to achieve a better life.

Clare is 41, she wanted to have a better life, that can sustain wellbeing. She wanted to not have to worry or even feel guilty she had done something to cause unhealthiness. She wanted to be able to hike again, and have energy.

Clare's health had been suffering due to a stressful work environment, where fatigue meant she had little energy left to look after her health properly.  Showing up in a recent diagnosis that she was heading towards Type 2 Diabetes.  


Clare shares...

My health was deteriorating due to high stress and poor habits. I wanted to turn this around and hadn't been able to do it by myself.

Working with Samantha helped me segment my life and see where the problem areas were. It was helpful to talk through realistic goals, rewards and review regularly. The programme was tailored to my needs.

Working with Samantha has helped me increase my motivation to move forward in areas that need change. I have been able to learn more about myself and I have lost half a stone during the course.


You may enter the programme wanting to change one aspect but find that it's another area that needs support.

I would recommend this programme with Samantha, it is a broad programme, it will look at all aspects of your life and she will go at your pace.

Rita is 73 years old and wanted to have more energy, to be able to play with her grandchildren and keep up with friends and family on walks.

Before working with me Rita's general health had begun to deteriorate.

Due to a number of infections over several months she had become increasingly despondent, feeling low, becoming more withdrawn and generally more sedentary.  Rita put on excess weight and felt heavy and tired, her doctor found her weight to be too high and she had a dangerously high BMI, subsequently being diagnosed as pre diabetic.

It was around this time that Rita reached out to me for support in attaining her health goals.


In Rita's own words

Samantha gave me the information that I required to begin to tackle my problems, as well as much needed direction and support. I was already familiar with much of the written advice and data provided to me by Samantha, but this alone would not have been enough to spur me into setting about changing my diet and life style.  I needed her personal support and contact to truly begin to make the necessary changes from the harmful habits of a lifetime.

I immediately found that I could get on well with Samantha. She was not judgmental or alarming. She was very supportive, explaining to me the many benefits of maintaining a constant blood sugar load in the body. She was a good listener.  She was also patient and supportive when occasionally I tired of following her good advice or failed to adhere strictly to her program. 

I relied on my contact with Samantha to stay with the program so that I could achieve some hard won success. In 4 weeks I lost 4 kilograms.  I had frequently tried to shake off the excess weight but was never successful previously.

With Samantha I felt assured that if I followed her advice it would begin to have some effect and I was delighted when this began to be true.

She was always calm and encouraging, and I was delighted to be reversing the trend of a lifetime, to be finally loosing weight instead of putting it on. I was able to fit comfortably into my clothes from last summer and be told by my friends that I was looking good and that my face looked slimmer.

Samantha has given me the tools and information to tackle this diagnosis of pre diabetes and to hopefully bring down my blood sugar levels to normal. I am determined to achieve this. It will not be easy but with her help it is possible that I might be able to achieve this before too long.  

I intend to pass on this information to my own sister and to a friend who have sadly become too heavy. Both of whom could do well to make contact with Samantha and to learn like me how to change their lifestyle and begin to make healthier choices. I know that Samantha can not only pass on the information that they need but will also be there to guide them with patience and encouragement as she did with me.


I am very grateful to Samantha for her continuous calm support and guidance

Maggie is 63 and recently retired, she wants to have plenty more years to enjoy all the things she loves; hill walking, bowls. gardening, travel which she needs to be fit for and maybe going back to Salsa classes.

Although in general good health with no conditions diagnosed she was aware that some of her eating habits were likely to predispose her to diabetes in the future.  Being overweight a long term knee problems was being exacerbated.

Her confidence and self image was reducing and she was worried about where her health was heading. Despite having a reasonable knowledge of nutrition she felt in a 'rut', and wasn't inspired to return to previous diets which she felt had been restrictive and hard work.


Hear from Maggie

Working with Samantha as a coach has been a very supportive and educational experience. I really feel that I have learned a lot of new things with regard to eating in a more balanced way and controlling insulin peaks and troughs. It has made me realise that my personal requirement is to eat more protein rather than constantly turning to bread and carbs to satisfy my appetite. 

My craving for these foods has diminished and I feel I have a steady supply of energy throughout the day.

It’s also amazing to get away from the “low fat” treadmill, enjoy full fat unprocessed foods in moderation and still loose weight! I have not lost any weight for many years, and whilst this loss isn’t a great deal at once, I feel it will be steady. 

I have also very much enjoyed making some of the recipes which Samantha has sent - healthy and tasty.

It’s refreshing not to have to count calories or points - and to have no banned foods - just have them in moderation and balanced. Once you have grasped the principles of the programme, and have the image of the “ balanced plate” in mind, it’s just so easy to follow.

As a result of the modest weight loss so far and  the feeling that I am eating more healthily for my future, I am certainly keen to continue with the eating plan.

I would highly recommend both the programme itself and Samantha as a coach to anyone wishing to improve their health and well-being. Most of all I would tell them that it’s NOT a restrictive diet but a great way to enjoy healthy eating without feeling deprived.

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