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Nature and its importance in health

Health coaching

Before deciding to book a call or making a booking you may want to know more about health coaching.  That's completely understandable, here is some more information which will hopefully help you to decide. If not feel free to drop me an email and I'll happily help.

What is health coaching

Health coaching is a personalised approach to help individuals achieve their wellness goals. The coaching space is a gift of a safe space for your to be free from judgement, to explore your own unique solution.  We'll work together to explore and set goals and actions, leading you towards you overall health and lifestyle vision.  A Health coach provides education where necessary, support, encouragement and accountability.  During the process positive behavioural changes are fostered for lasting and sustainable improvements across all aspects of your wellbeing.

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Is health coaching for me?

Working 1:1 your coach will get to know you, to understand your goals, your values and strengths and most importantly your VISION.  

Working with a health coach does require your active participation and willingness to take responsibility for your health. If you are ready to make positive changes a health coach can provide the guidance and support you need to achieve.  Are you ready?

What does a session involve?

After the WELLth check call and agreeing to work together we'll arrange a suitable time to meet, most likely online using Zoom, unless we're local to each other.

We'll work together to explore what you're looking to achieve and across what areas of your life.  My tried and tested program will allow us to review all areas of your lifestyle.

Each week you'll have a goal and clear actions to move you forward in you health and wellness journey. Unlike counselling health coaching is forward focused and uses your strengths to better yourself and build powerful motivation to take you towards your vision.

My Services

Samantha Ford Health and wellness coach

1 : 1 session

The opportunity to work directly with Samantha on your own personal health and wellness vision.

Group services with Samantha Ford Health and wellness coach

Group sessions

Maybe you're not ready to commit to 1 : 1 sessions, or want to have a friend or family member benefit too.  With a range of topics this could be the safe space to start your health and wellness journey.

Corporate services with Samantha Ford Health and wellness coach

Corporate sessions

What better way to support your staff than by bringing health and wellness in to the corporate space.

Give yourself the gift of health

What clients say . . .
"I’m enjoying the change in myself and also the things I’ve learned.  Previously when I’ve tried to lose weight on traditional diets I’ve felt like when I come to the end of the subscription then I’m on my own. I can have a week off and do what ever I want, then get back to it on my own. I don’t feel like that, the shift in the mindset is just crazy really, it’s so unimaginable for me that I would feel like that. I don’t really feel like I’m coming to the end of it."

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

Well done for taking the first step to your best health

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