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Unique WELLth

Samantha Ford
Certified Health and wellness coach

Imagine living
your best life 

You start each and every day with energy and vitality.

You're free from cravings and energy slumps during the day.

"Stressed" and "overwhelmed" are no longer common words you use to describe how you feel.

You feel happy with your weight and activity levels.

All aspects of your life bring you happiness and satisfaction.

Health is a whole life experience

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Introducing health coaching

As your health coach I would work with you to explore and achieve your health and wellness goals.

I can offer guidance, support and accountability to empower you to make positive changes in your lifestyle and behaviour, working towards your vision of improved overall health and wellness.

If you have tried and failed in your health goals in the past you haven't worked with a health coach, yet.


By working with me we will explore your own unique path to your health vision, take the first step to looking after your greatest asset, your health and wellness.


How you could hope
to benefit 

  • More energy

  • Less cravings and energy dips

  • Health improvements by achieving your ideal weight

  • Ageing healthily

  • A sustainable way of living

  • Increased self belief through achieving

  • Moving away from disease and illness

Hopes can become reality

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What clients say . . .

"I needed Samantha's personal support and contact to truly begin
to make the necessary changes from the harmful habits of a lifetime."

Your vision

Some common reasons to engage with a health coach could be:

- Stress and overwhelm
- Energy slumps and fatigue
- Poor eating habits
- Trying and failing in your health and wellness goals

- Diagnosis of a medical condition
- Weight challenges


Finding your unique solution

Instead of being stuck this could be you . . .

- Waking up, raring to take the day on
- Have the energy to do what you want to do
- Feel calm and capable

- Having the knowledge to eat well, whenever and wherever you are 
- Be at your ideal weight and feel confident in your body.

Don't regret not taking care of your health

Not quite ready?
What's getting in your way?

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