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Group services

By working in a group you will get a taste of the health coaching experience you would have in the 1:1 sessions, whilst being supported in a group setting. Allowing for sharing of experiences, whilst still exploring your own unique solution to your best health and self.  

You are invited to join a single 90 minute session where you can explore your own health and wellness, looking to identify which areas you aren't satisfied with, yet.

Alternatively, if you know which areas you'd like to work on then there are 3 programs available, each for 10 weeks, which will give you a good grounding in each of the areas. Collectively they are your road map to a new healthier you.

Be engaged, motivated and achieve great results.

Choose the topic of your 10 week program,
available online or in person

Vitality health and wellness program


Understanding your hormones, putting the brakes on the ageing process.

Superhealth health and wellness program


Looking after the most precious machine you will ever own, your body. From hormones, to immune system to bones.   

Wellbeing health and wellness program


Feeding the body and mind to make a more resilient you.

Danatentis, Pixabay

Photo Mix, Pixabay

Edechiel Salama, Pixabay

Group Programs

Choose the group session for you.
All sessions last 75 to 90 minutes.

10 x sessions


10 x sessions
in person 

POA, not currently available

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