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  • Samantha Ford

How well are your eating habits serving you? Are you on a sugar rollercoaster?

pastry causing blood sugar spike

Life can be hectic and we do what we need to in order to get through the day, be it a coffee and a pastry to start, a hasty sandwich for lunch, an afternoon sugar boost and maybe even a ready meal for dinner. And then there’s the erm, reward, of wine and chocolate for surviving a long hard day.

Now stop and think! Does that sound like a well fuelled machine? Definitely not, your eating habits are triggering ups and downs in your energy levels, and you can feel them. It's the body reacting to the sugar it’s being fed and the subsequent crash, when it’s all used up. It's a sugar rollercoaster.

blood sugar rollercoaster

Carbohydrates, caffeine and stress also have an impact on blood sugar levels, scarily they are well established in modern living. Yet for optimum health and therefore why you’re probably here, we need to aim for an equilibrium, a balance in our blood sugar levels not this constant state of flux.

If this sounds like your lifestyle you’re more than likely being negatively impacted by these highs and lows, such as craving sugar and stimulants, feeling sluggish, having memory issues and feeling anxious and moody and possibly carrying a few more pounds than you’d like.

Inside things aren’t looking too great either as you’re increasing your risk of chronic disease.

I know, I’m supposed to helping you, not depressing you!! And yes, that is a bleak picture of what for all too many of us is our eating habits and lifestyle. But there is a way to change.

Don’t start by thinking of diets you've been on before where calorie counting or deprivation factor heavily; instead there are just 3 simple rules; eating 3 meals a day, always eating protein with every meal and lastly being selective about the amount and type of starchy carbohydrates you eat.

The only barrier to you adopting this lifestyle is in your knowledge and understanding of how food serves you and I can help give you the awareness and the tools to implement a sustainable and healthy eating lifestyle. Finding your own unique solution.

Time to stop and think again, this time imagine yourself looking in the mirror and seeing how good you look. You feel energetic, are sleeping better and even your moods and stress levels are improved and everyone is noticing.

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