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  • Samantha Ford

How the baby building blocks of you v2 come from a new you too

Confused with the use of 2 and too?! Let me explain how your health is a key component to the success of your vision of starting a family.

Many people know from an early age they want to be a parent, whilst some only get that maternal feeling when they meet “the one”. Unfortunately knowing in your mind and feeling in your heart isn’t enough when you want to make you, version 2.

What may seem like the most natural thing in the world and a given in terms of what your future will look like can all too often seem to be an impossible hurdle to get over, and sadly isn’t a certainty for every couple trying to conceive.

But there is hope and there is most certainly help available.

Radiant pregnant woman

If we have a think about our bodies, they are made up of numerous systems, all working towards keeping the body in a state of balance when we can be outwardly and inwardly healthy. Sometimes they can appear healthy on the outside, but things may be struggling inside to stay in balance.

Yes, admittedly sometimes things are outside of our control, but don’t hide behind that, as many factors are well within our individual control, such as our diet, how we handle stress, how much we exercise, and our interactions and relationships with others.

So, if creating a you, version 2, is on your mind it’s time to think about your body systems and how well you’re looking after them. Are they loved and well cared for, as you would want a new life to be? If not, then to take control of your fertility, whether you’re male or female, then you need to be honest and stop and look at your own health as these are the building blocks for your baby.

Two key systems you need to think about are the reproductive and hormonal systems, both key players in you, version 2.

Working with Samantha as your Health Coach you’d look at lifestyle and dietary considerations; are you sleeping enough, are you able to reduce or better cope with any stress you face, are you striking a balance in your hormones through exercise? Are you aware of the foods that naturally support fertility, and those that negatively impact it? These are all factors that are well within our individual control and if you want to give yourself the best chance of conceiving then you need to start by looking at your own lifestyle choices, habits and health.

Your Health coaching journey will give you the tools to help you improve these lifestyle choices and support you on the way. You’ll feel and see the benefits of this and will be able to adopt these choices as a permanent and positive habit, equipping you as a healthier and happier role model for your family. Being there for your children as a healthy and active parent, being able to enjoy playing with them and seeing them grow up into the person you know they can be.

To be able to think of others you need to start with yourself.

Live life to the full, starting with you version one.

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