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  • Samantha Ford

The super powers of plants and how Health Coaching can help you harness them.

Where have you been if you don’t know that fruit and vegetables are good for you??!

Everyone knows they are, and they’re all right. So why then do so many people either not eat enough of them or when they do they eat them they’re not getting the best out of them? Good questions and these are aspects Samantha as your Health coach will explore when working with her clients keen to improve their health, as at the core of this goal is the fuel we feed ourselves with. You wouldn’t put diesel in a car that needs unleaded petrol and expect it to work well, so why put the wrong type of fuel in your body and expect optimum output?

Unlike a car which will cough and splutter and simply stop when given the wrong fuel your body will do its utmost to still serve you well, despite how badly it has been fuelled, especially in our younger years. But a time will come when the cracks start to show that you body is not in homeostasis, or balance. This could range from issues with your weight, your skin or hair condition, digestive problems like bloating and being constipated, right through to lacking in energy and not sleeping properly. I think you probably get the general idea and I suspect many can relate to these issues. We often settle for something less than optimum, these symptoms become the norm, or we medicate to help manage them rather than asking why we have them and what they mean.

colourful vegetables

The human body, physically, mentally and emotionally is a truly incredible machine, capable of so much when given the right fuel and the right care. Working with Samantha will help enable you to learn what your body is trying to tell you. Giving you the space to look at all aspects of your health and wellbeing. You will be supported, educated, encouraged and provided with a level of accountability. You will have the knowledge to enable you to make informed decisions to optimise your health and wellness with your own personal cheerleader along the way, who knows what you will achieve or where you will stop.

A foundation stone of the Health coaching process is understanding how different food groups impact your blood sugar and fruit and veg are no exception. Fruits are sweet and although it is a natural sugar your body only responds to sugar in one way – it’s a blood sugar buzz! Which triggers a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows. And many of the vegetables are very starchy and that also converts to sugars!

So, was I right to say fruit and veg are good for us? Yes, of course they are. The health benefits from them are phenomenal; fibre, minerals, vitamins, good bacteria to support our 2nd brain (that's the gut in case you're wondering). All going to support cardiovascular health, mental health, hormonal and reproductive health, digestive health to name a few.

Working with Samantha you’ll be equipped to make good choices on how to eat well, balancing your blood sugar and therefore benefitting from improvements such as finding your body’s natural weight, losing your cravings, having better health and energy, to mention a few.

You’ll come out with a lifestyle that is sustainable and if you’ve been a yo-yo dieter trying everything on the market that alone will be a blessing. But why stop there, feel the ripples as the coaching process looks at you as a whole. Helping you to look at other areas of your health, wellbeing and lifestyle that may benefit too.

You deserve to be happy and healthy, and it is not selfish as those around you will benefit too. You may think you have tried everything possible to improve your health, but if you haven’t worked with a coach you have an avenue to explore which will help facilitate an achievable and sustainable lifestyle that aligns with your personal values and brings you the health and happiness it is your right to expect.

So, if you want to learn more about how to optimise your health or think you eat well but don’t get what you expect then make fruit, vegetables AND a Health Coach your new best friends. Together your health and wellness is there for you to discover.

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